Monday, July 16, 2007


The Malawi government's plan to introduce DDT in the fight against malaria is vigorously opposed:
Tobacco bodies such as Tobacco Association of Malawi (TAMA) are against the use of DDT in wiping out malaria saying it would compromise with the quality and purity of the countries greatest forex earner, tobacco leaf.

Director of Preventive Health Services Dr. Habib Somanje defends government decision to use DDT to destroy malaria, arguing that it (DDT) shall only be used in indoor sprays.
Tim Lambert should be pleased that the once pro-DDT tobacco interests have now seen fit to join his anti-DDT campaign.

Update: For about week Lambert's been fuming over Jason Soon comments accusing him of dishonesty. Naturally enough Soon gets Lamberted, with Lambert accusing Soon of being "very angry". Yep, Soon's really angry: he made a couple of comments back on the 7th and 8th but hasn't said anything since, until today when Lambert again made it a matter for discussion.

Anyway, it's not all that often that I agree with Soon but I'm going to support him on this one: Lambert is a dishonest prick. Oh yeah, he also has an unnaturally large head.


Anonymous Ed Darrell said...

Wait a minute -- you're the guy who has been arguing that misuse of DDT is no problem, aren't you? The tobacco growers are planning crop applications, exactly the sort of applications that foul up the fight against malaria.

Have you thought this through? Are you more pro-tobacco profit than you are anti-malaria?

4:30 AM  

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