Thursday, July 26, 2007


Global warming induced high temperature has caused an explosion:
An explosion at an arms depot in northern Syria has killed at least 15 soldiers and wounded 50, the Sana state news agency has said.

Officials say the blast was caused by high summer temperatures, up to 50C, which set off explosive materials.
Just thought I'd beat the global warming doom and gloomers to the punch.


Anonymous The_Real_Jeffs said...

Munitions do not detonate under those conditions (although blaming global warming is within the parameters of the crisis du jour, heh heh heh!).

Sounds more like an excuse to me, which is typical in the Middle East. And more so for countries where the blamee might get some harsh punishment.

Given the casualty list, it's more likely that this was either sabotage (in spite of protestations otherwise), a direct attack on the depot, or some really stupid people handling munitions....but blaming global warming.

1:11 AM  

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