Saturday, September 01, 2007


Academic Paul Norton decries compulsory school dress requirements:
Dress codes and uniforms imposed by dominant groups on subaltern groups are invariably designed to signal the lowly status of the wearers.
Requiring females to wear skirts or dresses not only demeans, it encourages cheating:
Said colleague observed a female student sitting the exam, wearing a medium-length skirt, and intermittently hitching up the skirt and looking at her thigh. At one point the colleague glimpsed what were presumably crib notes written on the students’ thigh.
The cheaters are not exclusively female, and it's not really their fault that they cheat:
Similarly, schools which force their boys to wear shorts in certain grades or at certain times of the year likewise have themselves to blame if the lads resort to the same ruse.
The highly educated Norton offers a simple solution:
The only remedy would seem to be prevention, namely the imposition of an exam dress code which requires the wearing of long trousers for students of both genders. At University level this should be unproblematic.
Like it would be really difficult for a cheater to writes notes on his (or her) leg above the ankle to peek at by pulling up the pants leg. Hey, maybe compulsory knee socks held up by compulsory garters under those compulsory pants are the go. Cheaters are going to try to cheat no matter what they're made to wear.


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