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Iran's Press TV reports the death of "chess genius" Bobby Fisher:
Former chess legend Bobby Fisher who described the Sept. 11 attacks as 'wonderful news', saying America should be 'wiped out', has died.

The Cold War icon, said to have an IQ higher than Albert Einstein's, gained fame after defeating the Soviet Union's Boris Spassky in 1972.
Fisher's death is almost incidental to the story, with his anti-American views most prominent – how could such a great genius be wrong about the Great Satan? Well, Fisher might have been really good at chess but he was one twisted guy.

Update; In April 2005 Switzerland-based UBS notified Fisher that it intended to close his account and asked where he wanted the money sent. To cut a very long story short, Fisher refused to cooperate because UBS refused to explain why it was closing his account. UBS closed his account (and liquidated associated holdings) on 10 August 2005 and transferred 2,355,000 Swiss francs plus 115,7o3.53 Euros to Fisher's Icelandic bank. The money was sent back to UBS on Fisher's instruction. As of February 2007 UBS was still asking Fisher where he wanted his money sent, you know, so UBS could send it to him.

Here's Fisher's summary of events:
UBS and the Icelandic government collude to plunder all of Bobby's savings account at UBS

UBS to Bobby: "Get out of our high-class bank right now you filthy dog you!" Click here for the shocking UBS--Bobby Fischer file: 115 pages. There's a new (2006) Swiss movie out based on the collapse of Swissair called "Grounding." We gather that the movie depicts the entire Swiss business, banking and political Establishment as ruthless, corrupt, cowardly, incompetent and above all unreliable. In real life UBS could easily have saved Swissair but instead they callously and many would say unpatriotically chose to let it go under...

It's official. Having already stolen a large portion of Bobby's cash and assets in his UBS savings account 230/562.317 in the year 2005 UBS now freezes all the rest.

UBS in their February 26, 2007 letter to Bobby's attorney Mr. Arni Vilhjalmsson of LOGOS legal services has announced that unless Bobby knuckles under and accepts and cooperates with UBS's thievery and dictate that Bobby will never see a penny of the rest of his money at UBS. Of course UBS knows that Bobby will never go along with this outrage. So all of the remainder of Bobby's money at UBS is frozen--actually stolen for good. UBS are simply liars, thieves and criminals. End of the story. Furthermore, the filthy dirty CIA-controlled Icelandic government by failing to retaliate against UBS for UBS's brazen thefts and other crimes against Bobby (see the complete UBS--Bobby Fischer file above) is in complicity with UBS in those very thefts and other crimes against Bobby. Clearly, the Icelandic government is thoroughly rotten and corrupt and are nothing but pimps and whores for the giant transnational corporations like Alcoa and UBS, etc. Let the robbery in broad daylight of all of Bobby's hard-earned cash and assets at UBS to the tune of millions of swiss francs and other assets be a warning that no one should open a savings account at UBS or for that matter with any other Swiss bank...
If you click the link above you'll find letters handwritten by Fisher; the guy had some serious issues. In the extensive correspondence with UBS neither Fisher nor his lawyers say anything about the supposed plundering of his account. The whole thing is, well, weird.


Anonymous TimT said...

He was an awesome chess player. But after seeing the formatting of that website, my brain need a massage.

8:15 PM  
Anonymous J F said...

TimT, if you want a real brain spasm, click the link provided by Fisher above and then scroll down to his handwritten letters.

8:44 PM  

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