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From a January 2000 UN report on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions:
The Special Rapporteur has received reports of “honour killings” from Bangladesh, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, India, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Brazil, Ecuador, Uganda and Morocco. The practice of “honour killings” is more prevalent although not limited to countries where the majority of the population is Muslim. In this regard it should be noted that a number of renowned Islamic leaders and scholars have publicly condemned this practice and clarified that it has no religious basis. At the same time, it is reported that some Governments of countries where Muslims are in a minority do not take a firm position against such violations of human rights on the pretext of not wanting to hurt cultural sensitivities among the minority population.
Honour violence remains a problem in culturally sensitive Sweden:
Honour-related violence is rampant across the country, according to a new study by Sveriges Radio.

Nearly 60 percent of the country’s social services have helped victims of honour violence or those threatened with honour violence to hide themselves.
Hiding victims isn't the solution.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing how extreme Right nutcases suddenly amd magically transform themselves into hardened feminist activists when it gives them an opportunity to bash people who follow the "wrong" culture and/or religion.

Look at the list of countries. Brazil is the largest Catholic nation on earth. Do we hear morons like yourself rabbiting on about how the Catholic Church, apart from protecting pedophile priests, is also hiding honour crimes in Catholic countries?

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