Monday, September 15, 2008


Antony Loewenstein, who has steadfastly insisted he is anti-Zionist, not anti-Jewish, reveals the truth when interviewed by Australia's SBS Radio Arabic's Eddie Abd:
Abd:  Anthony [sic] thanks for joining us.

Loewenstein: My pleasure.

Abd: After writing My Israel Question, a book highly critical of Israel's policy toward the Palestinians, you've now written a book that slams some Arab states and their abuse of human rights. Is this an attempt on your part to bring a bit of balance into your body of work?

Loewenstein: [Chuckles] I thought I might get asked that question at some point. Umm... look, not really... uh, I think... umm... uh, look, in my first book, My Israel Question, obviously I was looking critically at the Jew as you rightly say about how appalling Israel treats the Palestinians and also umm... Arabs within its own state.
Loewenstein's anti-Jewishness has never been in doubt. More on Loewenstein's efforts to promote his latest book to follow.


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