Sunday, October 26, 2008


Rob Bates provides some background on Antony Loewenstein for readers of the Wentworth Courier:
Loewenstein’s first book, My Israel Question, received mixed reviews ranging from glowing praise to death threats as it offered a critical Jewish perspective on the Israel-Palestine conflict.
The fearless Ant is not to be deterred by death threats, real or imagined:
“This hasn’t intimidated me, which was clearly the intention, but inspired me because I know many people want free and open debate on Israel’s behaviour without fear of being labelled.”
Free and open debate is not allowed at Loewenstein's blog, however, with all dissenting comments consigned to oblivion.


Anonymous Daniel Lewis said...

What's amazing, is that these "Death Threats" were meaningless, as Loewenstein knows full well.

He never needed police protection. He never needed to check under his car. In fact, he never needed to even look over his shoulder, because everyone knows, Jews don't issue Fatwas.

And yet, he goes on and on about it at every possible occasion. When he's not plugging his books, that is.

Meanwhile, people like Ayaan Hirsii Ali, Wafa Sultan and Salman Rushdie, who very much are in mortal danger and require armed bodyguards, barely mention it and carry themselves with a level of dignity Loewenstein couldn't even imagine.

As well as a bald hypocrite, he's a gutless wonder and a liar.

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salman Rushdie doesn't have any bodyguards. Wafa Sultan freely practises psychiatry in the United States. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is such a cheapskate that she expects Dutch taxpayers to pay for her security. And Daniel Lewis needs psychiatric help. Maybe he could consult Wafa Sultan? Woops, I forgot. She's a dirty stinking Arab.

10:19 PM  

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