Friday, January 16, 2009


Czech artist David Cerny's sculpture Entropa, depicting the 27 EU member countries, is causing a huge controversy – Bulgaria is especially miffed at being shown as a "series of Turkish squat toilets". Other examples (courtesy of Wikipedia):
  • Denmark is built of Lego bricks, and some claim to see in the depiction a face reminiscent of the cartoon controversy, though any resemblance has been denied by the artist. [Cerny wishes to continue breathing - ed.]
  • France is draped in a "GRÈVE!" ("STRIKE!") banner.
  • Germany is a series of interlocking autobahns, described as "somewhat resembling a swastika"...
  • Italy is depicted as a football pitch with several players who, according to some, appear to be masturbating.
  • The Netherlands has disappeared under the sea with only several minarets still visible; the piece is supposed to emit the singing of muezzins.
  • The United Kingdom, known for its Euroscepticism and relative isolation from the Continent, is "included" as missing piece (an empty space) at the top-left of the work.
A BBC video report is here; photo gallery here.

Suggestions for selected non-European countries:
  • Australia: a shearer surrounded by empty beer cans cutting a sheep's arse out with a chainsaw alongside a coal fired boiler belching skulls into the atmosphere.
  • Canada: a giant retarded beaver.
  • Cuba: a shack labelled "50 years of socialist progress".
  • Iran: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saying "trust me" with his fingers crossed behind his back.
  • Israel: a big fat big-nosed Jew biting the head off a baby, with Bushitler offering encouragement.
  • Mexico: a sign reading "the last one north is a rotten egg".
  • Pakistan: an al Qaeda theme park (with missile-shaped roller-coaster cars marked with the nuclear symbol).
  • Venezuela: Bolivarian beefcake-boy Hugo Chavez tongue kissing Fidel Castro (both naked except for Che T-shirts).
  • USA: a very fat m16-wielding Uncle Sam – his hat adorned with various corporate logos rather than the usual stars – saying "I want your resources".
The possibilities are endless.


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