Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Barrister Jeremy Sear argues that a man charged with "driving while disqualified, failing to use an indicator and refusing to accompany police to a station for a breath test" should receive "a one-month suspended sentence". The magistrate didn't buy it:
Ms Robertson told McBain drink-driving was a very serious offence, "because of the injuries it could cause to other people and yourself".

She sentenced McBain to two months' jail, suspended for 12 months.
Perhaps Ms Robertson was swayed by Sear's prior argument that drink driving is a serious offence which can "result in death and dismemberment". All things considered, the offender got off very lightly indeed.

Stand by for a big sad from Jeremy about his privacy being invaded.


Anonymous Legal Eagle said...

Anonymous @ 7:45am - that was my initial point - that lawyers have to argue both sides of the argument all the time. We have to represent people even when the argument we present conflicts with our own personal opinions. We come across therefore as somewhat hypocritical - how can we defend people whose actions we personally find objectionable?

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