Tuesday, April 21, 2009


PP boy Jeremy Sear provides an insight into the motivations of desperate, destitute, asylum-seeking boat people:
If they had enough money to fly in, then presumably they’d just get a plane ticket. Hell of a lot safer, and you don’t end up on Christmas Island.
So, according to Jeremy, they only opt for sea travel because they lack money for air fare. Odd that many apparently don’t bring the passports and other documentation that plane tickets would require. It’s also odd that they pay vastly more for sea travel than they’d pay for flights:
“… nearly $9,000 to smugglers for passage from Afghanistan to Australia …”

Yeah, altogether I have paid $US12,000.

Afghan asylum-seekers being held in Indonesia have told how they paid people-smugglers between $US6000 and $12,000 to get them to Australia.

His father sold their family home and paid $4000 to a Sri Lankan smuggling agent to send him to Australia.

In all, including getting from Yemen to Indonesia, Poorvardi's father paid $US36,000 to seek asylum in a country they had only fleetingly heard of. Australia.

Mr Salah paid a people smuggler $US6000 ...
Queue-jumping by sea ain't cheap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually 10 times as many illegal immigrants enter Australia by air than by boat, having arrived on a tourist visa, fail to leave. Refugees on the other hand (who are not illegal immigrants) arrive expecting Australia to honour its agreement under the UN refugee articles. Of course Australia only signed this expecting no refugees would make it this far. There is no requirement for refugees to "get in line". The "line" is for immigration nor for valid refugees who legally do not need to "get in line".

7:19 AM  
Anonymous kollecta said...

There is a queue for legal refugees who have been vetted as genuine by the UN. Australia takes over 13,000 UN refugees a year. The people on the smuggler boats are definitely illegal.

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will pay Jeremy $55,000 to let me gas his cats.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Jack Lacton said...

How the hell does Jeremy think these people get from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Indonesia?

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spot's a nice guy and very mild mannered. I wondered why he drew that much ire from those assholes, really ugly stuff sometimes.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If The Dolt is going to let moderators comment on his blog they should declare there interest otherwise its DISHONEST. Besides I wonder if Reader "Gordon" aka Spot is a Bolt sockpuppet, he use to go by "Of Perth" but then i think someone pinged him because he's not REALLY in Perth, I forget how they found that out but thats why he dropped "of Perth", I bet his IP is Southbank Melbourne and someone found out. Every secon blog is "thanks to reader gordan" and then every person who disagree with him gets banned.what a scam.

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

spot the dog,aka TGordon, aka Gordon from Perth, and who knows who many more undercover screen-names—-quite dangerous is this imposter. This is the moderater who has a special message for Richard Ryan on Tizona’s Group.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@12:05, according to Grods, he's still really busy with work.

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Richard Ryan said...

Tizona's blog----as useful as an ashtray in a force 10 gale----absolutely useless. Sad really-- asking them who's their mother, would be like asking which bean caused the fart.

4:40 AM  
Anonymous Richard Ryan said...

Tizona's blog----what a sad group of bloggers---asking them who's their father would be like asking which bean caused the fart.

4:45 AM  
Anonymous Richard Ryan said...

Tizona's blog----Bolt's Blog---Blair's blog----WHO AM I? God used them as the blueprint for morons.

4:53 AM  
Anonymous Richard Ryan said...

spot the dog aka TGordon aka Gordon from Perth---quite ugly blogger this one. It is said it's mother threw rocks at the stork when it was born, because it was so physically repugnant.

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Richard Ryan said...

WHY is it so that so many teachers are pedophiles?

5:33 AM  
Anonymous Richard Ryan said...

Not all teachers are pedophiles, but most pedophiles are teachers.

5:57 AM  
Anonymous Richard Ryan said...

bingbing is a teacher in Korea, so he tell us. I did say, most pedophiles are teachers, but not all teachers are pedophiles.For the record this teacher blogs at Tizona's, and is a loyal George Bush supporter---along with the other rightards.

4:50 AM  

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