Friday, May 29, 2009


Outrage at British forces in Afghanistan using Hellfire missiles with warheads that actually, you know, explode:
Human rights groups have serious concerns about the effect of these weapons in populated areas, and their legality seems to be a grey area. The last thing we need in this counter-insurgency campaign is the allegation that civilians are dying at the hands of some kind of terror weapon. Parliament must be reassured these are a weapon of last resort.
The AGM-114N replaces Hellfires specifically designed for use against tanks. It does make a nice kaboom.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm...the thermobaric warhead is designed to maximise enemy casualties in a confined space. If they are fighting within a building that has civilians in the next room (or apartment) over, who is to blame? Do the allied forces in the 'Ghan take up positions in buildings next to civilians? Um no...been there...highly illegal. But Terry Taliban dues it as a matter of course, gets smoked, then the human right advocates cry terror! Lets just come up with a taliban specific disease....wait, that would be genocidal!

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