Saturday, June 27, 2009


Michael Jackson's death will likely kill Iran's incipient revolution:
As the protests dwindle amid intensifying official pressure, the opposition may suffer from a decline in international attention. The protests and violence dominated Western news broadcasts for nearly two weeks, with the reports substantially bolstered by videos gleaned from Internet sites and by commentary from social networking sites.

Such sites were a key pipeline for the opposition amid the tight restrictions on foreign media in the country.

But along with the diminished action on the streets in Iran, other stories have arisen to siphon away attention — especially the death of pop star Michael Jackson.

Television coverage of Iran's turmoil has fallen since Jackson's death Thursday; on the Twitter micro-blogging site, Iran remained among the most discussed topics, but fell below Jackson and comments about the movie "Transformers 2."
Fickle, fadish Westerners.


Anonymous FYI said...

Part of the problem is that the Iranians, mostly students, who have been feeding reliable info via Twitter have gone pretty quiet the past few days - the State is seriously cracking down on them. Not just the "legal threats" Jezza & Co constantly make much over, but arrests & beatings. Also, those of us running proxy servers for the Iranians keep getting DOS'ed & blocked.

Still, #IranElection is third on Twitter at the moment, and #Iran is fourth - if they were combined, "Iran" would still be second or even first.

The trendoid Lefties might be easily distracted by shiny things, but a lot of others are hanging in.

6:34 PM  

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