Saturday, June 20, 2009


Perhaps hoping to keep readers at his blog Antony Loewenstein often quotes whole pieces rather than excerpts -- copyright apparently does not apply in Loewy-land. Here, for example, is an external blog post in its entirety. Strangely, Loewnestein's copy differs from the original, which doesn't contain this paragraph of Loewenstein-like gibberish:
The revolution brought about by blogging—which Loewenstein dedicates his Given these connections Loewenstein is making about the role blogging now plays throughout the world, it is significant that many news organizations that initially criticized bloggers as not being ‘real journalists’ have now opened their pages to their staff blogs in a mode of ‘if you can’t fight them, join them.’book to exploring—focuses on how blogs are being used by “the imprisoned dissidents everywhere.” He is clearly driven in writing this book by the mission of calling our attention to the struggle many dissidents face in countries where it is difficult—and dangerous—to try to get heard in these repressive environments. Governments would not crack down on the Internet and suppress its voices, if bloggers are not articulating messages and information that they find offensive or feel threatened by.
Loewenstein experienced a copy-and-paste malfunction and hasn't noticed, and his readers haven't bothered telling him. The guy needs his very own personal editor.

Update: The paragraph has been silently corrected.

Editing note: "it's" changed to "its".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On a related note: Ant claims he went to Saudi Arabia to write his book "The Blogging Revolution". Is this true? If so, how did he get around the small issue of the Israeli visa in his passport?

Anyone know if this happened?

8:33 AM  

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