Friday, October 02, 2009


Being environmentally friendly is not enough! Become a "climate ally" by downloading the remake of Beds are Burning performed by a whole heap of really famous celebrities! Get involved! Do it now!

Show everyone on the planet you care – add your "tck" here.

Update: Understatement and overstatement from Climate Justice:
For well over a hundred years, people, governments and companies have been emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, regardless of the consequences.

Now these consequences have caught up with us and are all too plain to see. Climate change isn't just something to worry about in the future. It's the 'here and now' and everyone is paying a high price: some more than others - especially the poor, the young and those without a voice to protest: all innocent victims of an increasingly alarming situation.

Think about this, every year hundreds of thousands of people die because of climate change: last year, this year, next year. Environmental disasters cost governments billions, so people suffer even more as economies also take a hit.
Justice is not only blind, it's stupid.


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