Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just your typically hot Kiwi primary school teacher

Nude photos in Penthouse have landed New Zealand primary teacher mum Rachel Whitwell in a spot of bother: her suitability to teach is being investigated by the Teachers Council. It's a tough one this: should activities outside work affect one's career? In any event Whitwell is surprised at the fuss:

""I didn't think that anyone from New Zealand would see [the photos]."

Right, like New Zealand doesn't have the internet. Her boyfriend's career choice – pornographer – also works against her. Whitwell seems to be inclined towards poor decision making.

Fifteen minutes and the clock is ticking.


Anonymous 1.618 said...

Well, kiwi's love getting naked. It's what you do there.

I bet you it's the fat women or the tuck shop women who are complaining this beautiful woman..

I don't think any of the dads at the school would be complaining about it. Would you gentlemen out there?

I give her an 'A' for challenging the education arena!

Kia ora

4:39 PM  
Anonymous 1.618 said...

That's nice, I have my little glacier home picture.. where I used to live.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous 1.618 said...


I made this video. I lived around the glaciers in New Zealand.


I hope your new readers enjoy it. It's not a centre fold so don't get too excited. byes.

7:21 PM  

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