Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Left asks you to vote but gives you no choices

In the wake of the CRU emails kerfuffle the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change thought it advisable to open up to the public at least a little by installing a ballot box that allows interested parties to vote on climate change. Actually, the ballot boxes are starting to appear all over the internet in a veritable freedom-of-expression festival in the lead up to the Copenhagen conference.

Nah, I lied to you, the "ballot", in the fine tradition of the totalitarian left, offers no choices and isn't even "for" or "against" anything -- you're simply voting "Earth". But your vote does send the very important message to world leaders that you want climate change addressed and ASAP. Ballot? This is nothing more than an online petition.

Vote Earth! was designed by one of Google's whiz kids so it is, of course, all cutting edge and multi-functional. There is, for example, a Google map showing how many have Voted Earth! by continent -- yippee, Australia is coming third -- with this blurb attached:

You only have to look around our Google map to see that millions of people worldwide Vote Earth. Join them now by casting your vote too, and help build our global mandate for real action on climate change in Copenhagen.

Very subtle working in that Google plug. Anyway, the campaign is just a few short of "millions" with only 50,421 "votes" so far. Some enterprising right-winger should set up a Vote Boondoggle Waste-of-Time Gab-fest! ballot just to see how many votes it would get.

By the way, you gotta be a bit careful of giving the left a mandate; the next thing we know all of the evil deniers will end up in a climate change Katyn forest with bullets in the back of the neck. You know, just to set an example.


Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

If the button had two options:

a) Vote Earth and
b) See Britney naked,

I think it would be very instructive...

5:07 PM  

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