Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sea Shepherd challenges Rudd to stop whalers

Sea Shepherd supremo Paul Watson demands that the Australian government do as promised by immediately launching legal action to stop whaling. Watson is sick and tired of chasing after Japanese whale killers, throwing bottles of rancid butter, attempting to tangle rudders and propellers, giving steel enemas, getting shot in the chest and the like, much preferring to get a real job, buy that little suburban cottage and fade into obscurity.

We don’t like coming down here; we don’t enjoy sacrificing our Christmas holidays and being separated from our families. We are volunteers receiving no financial benefits in exchange for risking our lives, health, and freedoms.

No financial benefits? Just imagine paying the porker's food bill. And don't you just hate it when a person taking a calculated risk tells you how he's putting his life in danger. Feeding Paul Watson's fame-craving ego is the whole point of Sea Shepherd.


Anonymous kae said...

Feeding Paul Watson's anything should be illegal.

9:51 AM  

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