Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Nintendo pirate to pay huge damages

New Super Mario Bros, a $100 Nintendo game, has cost a game pirate dearly:

A Queensland man will have to pay Nintendo $1.5 million in damages after illegally copying and uploading one of its new games to the internet ahead of its release, the gaming giant says.

James Burt, 24, of Sinnamon Park in Queensland will pay Nintendo $1.5 million after an out-of-court settlement was struck to compensate the company for the loss of sales revenue.

Nintendo says the loss occurred when Mr Burt made New Super Mario Bros for the Wii gaming console available for illegal download a week ahead of its official Australian release in November last year.

Better to buy the game from a retail outlet than take a chance on getting sprung for stealing.


Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

Apparently you'd also be better off getting caught for stealing it from a retail outlet.

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'd be better of not uploading it before it's been released in other countries.

8:07 AM  

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