Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Current street violence trends 'un-Australian'

Ageing rocker Angry Anderson, 63, reckons taking weapons to a fight is un-Australian:

"You never kick a bloke when he's down . . . you don't gang up on a bloke. These things are Australian and we shouldn't shy away from being Australian."

The father of four said he had taught his sons these principles and said "other cultures" had introduced weapons, including the Lebanese, Indochinese and Pacific Islanders.

"We have to acknowledge that they have a different view about how they deal with each other," he said.

Anderson's politically incorrect views have been rejected, of course, as pure fantasy. Yet it is only recently that the king hit and blade weapons have become a prominent feature of street violence.


Anonymous HRT said...

I grew up in the fifties in Sydney and knives were weapons used by "New Australians". "Old Australians" detested knives and did not use them.

A newspaper report of a stabbing in that period identified the assailant's origins just as accurately as bombings and beheadings now identify the perpetrators as Muslims.

Anderson is right. Those who dispute him were not around then and/or think multiculturism must not be criticised.

4:55 AM  

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