Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DDT: Life-saving miracle powder maligned by the left

Anti-chemical, fear-mongering leftists will be unimpressed with Richard Tren and Donald Roberts' new book, The Excellent Powder: DDT's Political and Scientific History, which highlights the left's misguided anti-DDT campaigning:

Orchestrated, well-financed, earnest, but erroneous campaigns forced most countries to ban DDT without scientific justification. These campaigns created many myths and fears about DDT. Excellent Powder - DDT's Political and Scientific History, dispels these myths and sets the record straight about this chemical, which continues to save hundred of thousands lives in poor countries today and could save hundreds of thousands more.

Computer programmer Tim Lambert, as part of his less than earnest but decidely erroneous anti-DDT campaign, can be expected to attack Tren and Roberts as corporate stooges perhaps funded by Exxon or big tobacco, both keen to distract the gullible from the the really important issues confronting mankind – tobacco related health problems and global warming. A few million dead Africans is a small price to pay in pursuit of these leftist distractions.


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