Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Billions dubiously spent on school building program

The Australian government has funnelled billions into the school building program but there are serious doubts that the money was well spent:

Almost 30 per cent of principals surveyed by the auditor-general believe they are not getting value for money from the controversial $16.2 billion school building program.

And a third of schools have complained about the scheme, contradicting claims by the Federal Government that less than 1 per cent of schools are dissatisfied

As with the botched home insulation scheme, the school building program was hastily conceived and loosely managed:

Federal Education Minister Julia Gillard used one quote from the survey to back up her claims that the BER scheme was a success, saying that "more than 95 per cent of school principals saw the program as providing ongoing value to their school and their school community".

But the same survey indicated a high level of dissatisfaction with the process.

Forty-five per cent of principals said there was not sufficient time to consult with the school community about the building projects and 43 per cent said the time frame for submitting the BER application for funding was insufficient (

There's no getting around it, the Rudd government is financially incompetent.


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