Wednesday, June 09, 2010

China factory terminates suicide payments

After a number of much publicised suicides at its mainland China factory, Taiwanese company Foxconn will no longer make ex gratia payments to the families of workers who kill themselves:

Foxconn has been paying compensation equivalent to 10 years' wages to the families of suicide victims.

Posters have gone up at the factory site in Shenzhen to explain the move.

They say that to prevent more tragedies Foxconn will not pay compensation beyond its legal obligations.

Ten times the annual wage is quite an incentive.


Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

At least they only killed themselves.

A large number of Palestinian suicide bombers were otherwise down-and-outs or people in debt who were encouraged to commit suicide bombings to clear their name.

This is why Israel used to demolish their homes, such that they realised there would be consequences beyond a bunch of virgins. Whilst unpopular, the strategy worked, however the usual suspects accused Israel of being out of line, while handing a free pass as always, to those who would encourage someone to kill themselves and others.

3:38 PM  

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