Friday, July 30, 2010

'Nutritional toxicologist' Dr Peter Dingle has 'no qualifications'

The West Australian coroner has ruled that Penelope Dingle died due to poor cancer treatment choices deriving from "misinformation and poor science".

Delivering his findings on Friday, West Australian Coroner Alastair Hope said homeopath Francine Scrayen "was not a competent health professional'' and had given "dangerous advice'' to Mrs Dingle when treating her.

He also said Mrs Dingle's husband Peter, a prominent toxicologist, was "a victim of his own misinformation'' and had "no qualifications in health and wellness''.

This lack of qualifications has not deterred Peter Dingle from ambiguously prompting himself as "Dr Dingle", his website's self-penned biography describing him as "expert in health and environmental issues" but as the coroner notes, Dingle has "no qualifications in health and wellness". Yet  the Murdoch University website continues to promote Dingle as a "nutritional toxicologist" when indoor air quality is his only apparent area of expertise.

The ABC, which once featured Dingle as something of a health guru, interviewed him soon after the conclusion of testimony relating to the circumstances surrounding his wife's death, allowing Dingle to attempt to shift attention off him and onto to the supposedly biased coverage provided by the mainstream media. In view of the coroner's finding both Dingle and the ABC are damned.


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