Saturday, August 07, 2010

David Jones sex-harrassment claimant launches preemptive media strike

Kristy Fraser-Kirk's publicist – all 27-year-old aspiring multi-millionaire former junior executives need one – has attacked an article in tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph, alleging that the newspaper wants to ""smear her by snidely implying that she is a serial complainer." This refers to revelations that Fraser-Kirk had, in an earlier job, lodged "a complaint against a "superior" whom she claimed was 'invading my personal space'".

With a AU$37 million (US$34 million) civil action pending Fraser-Kirk and her, err, associates don't want her brand damaged by any suggestions she's overly sensitive.


Anonymous atomou said...

This will get interesting. Wonder what DJ's next move will be. I have to say in the photo she looks terribly upset. She obviously hates the limelight

9:05 PM  
Anonymous Dogs Breakfast said...

Hmm, from the Telegraph about that prior incident

"Several of Ms Fraser-Kirk's former police colleagues are said to still be furious about the incident.

A NSW Police civilian employee who worked with Ms Fraser-Kirk at the time told The Sunday Telegraph the team members were all friends until the complaint was made.

"She tried to make it sound like he was a sleaze to all of us, that he was hitting on all the women in the team," the former colleague said.

"She tried to get me to complain as well to make a stronger case against him." The Sunday Telegraph received information relating to Ms Fraser-Kirk's employment history at NSW Police and at Optus, along with her time at Port Hacking High School."

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Dogs Breakfast said...

Now the Australian chimes in. ROTFLMAO LULZ

"The newspaper (Sunday Telegraph) also questions whether she made a complaint against a teacher at Port Hacking High School, south of Sydney, to which Ms Fraser-Kirk says no.

"Have you ever been on a Contiki tour?" the paper asks.

Ms Fraser-Kirk: "Yes . . . I will not allow personal attacks on me to detract from the important issues, which have caused me to take this stand."

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Uzair Baig said...

ofcourse $37M would just about be enough to compensate her for the psychological trauma that she went thru.

i so wish i was sexually harassed by a woman at the workplace.

6:21 PM  

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