Monday, August 30, 2010

The Melbourne chainsaw dismembering

No doubt able to afford sex with the most attractive and eager to please call girls Melbourne businessman Herman Rockefeller preferred seamy swingers. Bad move:

Mario Schembri, 58, and Bernadette Denny, 42, responded to a swingers advertisement written by Mr Rockefeller late last year.

The court has heard they attacked the 52-year-old businessman when he arrived at their Hadfield home in January for a second time without a partner and demanded sex.

Schembri told police he hit Mr Rockefeller "harder than he'd ever hit anyone".

After his death, the couple made trips to Bunnings and Safeway, where they bought an electric chainsaw, plastic sheeting, overalls, bleach and face masks.

Schembri dismembered Mr Rockefeller's body and tried to burn the remains in a 44-gallon drum at a friend's house in Glenroy.

Hmm, I wonder if dismembering a body voids a chainsaw's warranty.


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