Sunday, October 03, 2010

Media war: New vs old; Left vs right

With my one year stint at Asian Correspondent about to end I'd like to thank the powers that be at AC for exercising minimal control over my writing: I've been asked only a few times to tone down the more personal attack pieces and have never been told what to write. It is with mixed feelings that I am about to return to my old blogspot blog, having helped establish AC as a new media powerhouse. WTF!?

In parting I can't resist the urge for one more shot at the Left, however. Former independent and later News Ltd blogger Tim Dunlop's two most recent The Drum articles for the ABC (here and here) are critical of the right wing media – that is, News Ltd – with the latter a direct attack on The Australian. Dunlop's byline: "Tim Dunlop writes fortnightly for The Drum. You can follow him on Twitter." True as far as it goes, but Dunlop also has a new personal blog and writes for Left-wing site Crikey.

Thus it is therefore hypocritical of Crikey blogger Jeremy Sear to again whine about a lack of full disclosure by News Ltd:

And again, no disclaimers on either piece like “News Ltd is in vigorous competition with the ABC in a number of areas” – which conflict of interest, since it’s not obvious to all their readers that, despite News not running its own free-to-air TV channel, they have commercial interests in damaging the ABC, would not be an unreasonable point to make clear.

Of course it is also perfectly reasonable to expect that both Sear and Dunlop would disclose that they are employed by companies in competition with News Ltd, with both, but especially Sear, strident News Ltd attackers.

The Crikey/Pure Poison home page shows the 10 most recent posts. Of these, one is a farewell from Tobias Ziegler, three are open/weekend threads and the remaining six posts attack News Ltd, five of them written by Sear. And in this Pure Poison post Sear links to his personal blog which in turns links to Dunlop's most recent The Drum post.

The Crikey/Pure Poison mob are the consummate incestuous Lefty hypocrites.

Update: A parting shot at Antony "countless" Loewenstein, currently inflicting his transcendental pseudo-Jewish dumbness on "countless" Indonesians.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The voyage to FAIL is complete. Adios, dickhead.

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Sokolnikov said...

A farewell post, and a link from Tim Blair, and the only comment you get is a sledge.


1:58 PM  
Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

Awww.... Becky being picked on by some anonymous coward trolls... I was hoping they'd save some for me, too.

I have no beef with AC other than their crap comment engine, so I'm glad you're migrating to another platform.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Melanie said...

I don't comment much but have enjoyed reading you. I'll continue reading back at your old blog too.

6:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you seriously suggesting that someone reading an article on Crikey itself would not know it's written by someone who works for Crikey?

4:45 PM  

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