Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shoe thrower discredits himself and the Left

Pure Poison's Andrew Bolt obsessive Jeremy Sear takes exception to a Bolt post on the idiot who threw a shoe at former Prime Minister John Howard, the Bolt post titled "Shoeless idiot demonstrates failures of the Left", Sear insisting that the lame shoe-toss discredited not the whole of the Left but only the tosser.

Yet in today's Age is this from University of Sydney media and communications student Michael Koziol:
Howard-hating almost became a professional sport among the Australian left during his tenure, buoyed by a combination of class-warfare, perceived racism and dismay over his repeated re-election. And that was understandable at the time – you're allowed to hate the government's policies, and you're allowed to hate the Prime Minister.

But Howard isn't the prime minister or in government – indeed, he hasn't been for three years. He is still relevant insofar as he is qualified to make comment, but the fact he still inspires such passionate loathing just demonstrates a failure of the left to move on.
Hating and violence are specialties of the Left.


Anonymous Chistery said...

I'd like a dollar for everytime some commenter on that site made a reference to the Liberal party thinking it's the 'government in exile', demonstrating the rights inability to move on and accept the legitimacy of the Gillard government... 2 months after the election!

This is the same mob who hold on dearly to Howard's "Core promises" comment/gaffe, made 14 years ago. In fact, you'll get hundreds of hits if you google it with a 'last 24 hours' filter in place.

This is the same site who's commenters have managed to filter out the last 3 years of Labor government when searching for examples of government spinning and spending waste.

Yes.. they're still addicted to Howard.. almost as much as they're addicted to Andrew Bolt.

8:06 AM  

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