Saturday, January 15, 2011

Julian Assange: perpetual victim of injustice

Already in 1996 Assange the geeky loner saw himself as above the law:
But as Judge Ross concluded his sentence, Assange spoke up, declaring: ''Your honour, I feel a great misjustice has been done.

''I would like to record the fact that you have been misled by the prosecution in terms of the charges … and a number of other matters.''

His outburst was rebuffed by Judge Ross, who told Assange he ''would be well advised'' to sit down behind his lawyer and keep quiet.

''No, you have pleaded guilty, the proceedings are over.''
Little wonder then that Assange is resisting extradition to Sweden.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely love it!!

1:27 AM  
Anonymous Adrian of Adelaide said...

It's quite consistent actually, if you understand that Assange and his ilk consider themselves the final arbiters of what is 'just' and 'true' and 'correct'.

That's why the Left will applaud High Court decisions that accord with their view of justice - eg: refugess having the right to appeal decisions; but woe betide any court or government that doesn't give them what they want. In that case the court suddenly becomes a sham and a tool of the ruling classes.

Indignancy and an overhwelming sense of entitlement - hallmarks of the Left. And toddlers, incidentally.

11:17 AM  

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