Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Dope-smoking suicide bomber

A mysterious metal cylinder found near the body of Taimour Adulwahab after he blew himself up in Stockholm in December has been tentatively identified:
The story about the unidentified cylinder, which was also reported in Norwegian media, yielded a flood of tips, including one from someone who theorised that the small tube was actually a piece of equipment popular with cannabis users.

According to the tipster, the small metal pipe found near Adulwahab looks very much like a pollen press, a device used to compact dried resin extracted from cannabis plants.

According to the marijuana enthusiast website bakedlife.com, a pollen press, also known as a kief press, is something "every stoner should get" as it helps turn powder from ground up marijuana plants into a "convenient and smokeable mini brick".
Yep, there's a reason why it's called dope.


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