Saturday, April 02, 2011

Leftist sees eclectic anti-Greens conspiracy

Pip Hinman, far Left activist, regular contributor to Green Left Weekly and Socialist Alliance candidate in Marrickville (garnering 860 votes), exposes the vast anti-Greens conspiracy:
There was a de facto anti-Green alliance of both major parties, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Daily Telegraph and the Australian Jewish New, a powerful alliance that ran a slanderous campaign asserting that the Greens are anti-Israel (or anti-Semitic) because they support BDS and Palestinian rights.

The anti-BDS and anti-Greens campaign in Marrickville - which reached fever pitch in the last two weeks of the election campaign - included the outrageous accusation that the Greens are “fascists” and “Nazis”. Greens billboards in the Marrickville electorate were plastered with swastikas, as well as racist and sexist abuse.
While some anti-BDS campaigners would disagree with this sort of slanderous tactic, they nevertheless equate criticism of Israel’s policies with a form of anti-Semitism.
Okay, billboards were defaced by parties unknown; what about all of those anti-Greens slanders perpetrated by "both major parties, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Daily Telegraph and the Australian Jewish New"? Hinman offers nothing more than a snippet from a single post-election editorial:
The March 28 Sydney Morning Herald editorial said: “They [the Greens] may have paid a price for their Marrickville candidate’s indulgence in childish gesture politics as a local councillor. Fiona Byrne’s support for an absurd ban on firms with links to Israel from doing business with Marrickville Council only cast doubt on her and her party’s commonsense."
Golly, that's pretty savage stuff.

Not content with appearing merely foolish, Hinman is determined to make a complete fool of herself by redefining anti-semitism:
Antisemitisim - a hatred of people of Semitic “race”, which includes Palestinians and some Jews - is of course racist. Racism, in all its forms (including anti-Arab racism) should not be tolerated.
It is unclear exactly why Hinman wants to deligitimise a word that in everyday parlance means "Jew hatred". Perhaps she's hinting that Jew hatred doesn't exist.


Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

Greens candidate Fiona Byrne was busted attacking political posters so their complaints are rather hypocritical.

As for whether the Israel boycott was anti-Semitic? There's a simple test. What other countries, out of the whole world to choose from, did they propose boycotting? What's that? None? Only the Jewish state? Gosh, I wonder why people might view it as antisemitic...

At least when Hamas say they want to destroy the Jewish state, they are being honest about it. Unlike the local equivalent, who want exactly the same thing but don't have the integrity to say so.

4:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a poster for Pip outside Macdonaldtown Station one evening. The next morning Fiona Byrne was standing outside the station but there was no longer a poster for Pip.

My sympathy for Pip has dried up now that she has tried to re-define anti-semitism to exclude the majority of Jewish people.

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Gerry Gee said...

The fact that this person seeks to redefine antiSemitism as applying to some Jews tells us everything we need to know about her. She both quacks and walks like an anti-Semite.

2:44 PM  

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