Thursday, May 05, 2011

Drum Readers Get Greedy...

Ted Lapkin in ABC's The Drum:
But as it turned out, there was real poetic justice to the way bin Laden was finally delivered into the clutches of the grim reaper. In the end, the death visited upon him by the United States was up close and personal. A team of Navy SEALs found him, fixed him and killed him in a face-to-face. In a flawlessly implemented special operations raid, the world’s best finally settled the score with the world’s worst.

Of course, the habitual Leftwing critics of America will affect outrage over reportage indicating that in his final moments bin Laden might not have been wielding a weapon. Cries of “murder” and “extrajudicial execution” are sure to crop up as night follows day.

But this was a raid deep into hostile territory on the headquarters of a deadly terrorist movement. It was war, not a police sobriety checkpoint. To anyone who’s experienced infantry combat first hand, such chairborne ranger critiques are the stuff of amateur hour.
Dismayed comments follow:
I object to the repeated appearance of Hard Right ideologues in The Drum Opinion, when contributors of the standing of Noam Chomsky or John Pilger or Robert Fisk (or even Michael Moore) are never invited to appear.
What? Loewenstein's not good enough?

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