Thursday, May 12, 2011

Funny Left

Andrew Bolt gets a special mention in this truly embarrassing video, featuring "real" climate scientists.

Truly lame. Bolt pointed out that your tax dollars paid for it.

I previously pointed out the total absence of wit amongst Bolt's largest critics.

It's interesting that the "climate scientists" in the video sneer that Bolt's work isn't 'peer reviewed' whereas theirs is.

Peer Schmeer.

Bolt's work is carefully reviewed by a large horde of hostile, motivated and obsessive opponents.

In any case, the fundamental argument of the video, that "climate change is real" is not in dispute.

Climate changes. We get it. It's called "Weather" by most people.

What is in dispute is:
a) Man's direct responsibility for this phenomena, and
b) Man's ability to control it.

Additional to that, is the question of whether Australia's total carbon emissions make any significant difference globally, which might justify taxing us back to the pre-industrial era in an otherwise futile gesture.

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Anonymous Calling Dr Love said...

Let me get this straight ... We're supposed to re-model our lives and the economy based on the advice of people like this, whose judgment is so appalling that they agred to appear in THAT?!

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Calling Dr Love said...

Oops ... *agreed*.

4:34 PM  

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