Thursday, July 28, 2011

Australian conservatives "inspire" Norway atrocity

Crikey media analyst Jeremy Sear absolves Australian conservatives of responsibility for Anders Behring Breivik's murderous rampage:
Nobody is suggesting that Howard, Costello or Pell want to round up young Labor party activists and shoot them like the Oslo killer did. Nobody is suggesting that they want someone else to do it for them, or that they would be anything but utterly appalled by the bloodshed. I have no doubt whatsoever that they were as sickened by the murder as the rest of us.
Lefty Jeremy then lays the blame on Howard, Costello and Pell:
But it appears to be the case that their words, their actions, their preferred target, their rhetoric of destruction were apparently part of the inspiration for this psychopath’s actions.
Jeremy's Lefty followers lap up this blame allocation, of course, despite Jeremy's failure to cite the words, actions, nominations of preferred targets and rhetoric of destruction that inspired Breivik's construction and detonation of a massive bomb and subsequent execution of young Norwegian Left-wingers.

Jeremy is thus guilty of disseminating loose rhetoric far surpassing anything articulated by Howard, Costello and Pell. Maybe Jeremy is experiencing jitters in anticipation of his upcoming marriage.


Anonymous Narcissist repeller said...

who is the scary unit with the Iphone on the 'eating everyday' link?

bloody hell, what a self obsessed narcissist

'I'm pretty pleased' ROFL

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

eating everyday blog?

yes well what can one say......

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Ian said...

This is the kind of piece that Sear frequently bemoans when Andrew Bolt constructs his arguments in such a way.

"Now I'm not saying so-and-so is responsible, however..." And then Sear spends the rest of the article with a nudge-nudge and wink-wink spelling out why so-and-so is responsible.

What a mealy-mouthed, contemptible piece of writing from Sear.

1:44 AM  
Anonymous Ian said...

One can never be too sure in this post-Composta environment, but that "Eating Every Day" blog is a work of satire, right?

Please tell me it's not for real.

1:55 AM  
Anonymous Col Sanders said...

Can someone do a photoshop of what Jezza and Kedgie's baby will look like?

4:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

reading the quote below I wonder what exactly these youths were being taught at camp?

“Some of my friends tried to stop him by talking to him. Many people think on the island that it was a test … *comparing it to how it is to live in Gaza*. So many people went to him and tried to talk to him, but they were shot immediately.” – Adrian Pracon

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look it could just be me, but

There's an uncanny resemblance.

2:16 PM  
Blogger Minicapt said...

Not a PShop, but:


6:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This is a cross between a weight-loss blog, a food journal, a recipe keeper and a place where I can subtly twirl my middle finger at those who make assumptions about what I eat. It’ll probably branch out from there, but that’s where we’re at right now.

Also, since I do only slightly more than half of the cooking around here (And nowhere near half the housework), some of the featured food will be the work of my excellent fiance’, Jeremy. I’ll be writing the words, though."

Ha Ha Ha - Jeremy will be in living hell soon enough.

How long will that union last!!!

7:57 PM  

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