Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Severe Blinkers

Antony Loewenstein is furious that dirty anti-Israel activists have been arrested for breaching their bail conditions. He quotes a sooky activist media release which claims:
Raids carried out at dawn this morning by police have seen several pro-Palestine activists arrested, in the most severe crack-down on civil liberties in decades.
FYI the Syrian Government rolled in tanks to shoot at protesters earlier this week. Pales in comparison to this outrage of course.
The bail conditions, which prohibit arrestees going within 50 metres of a Max Brenner shop, are themselves a serious curtailment on the right to protest.
Rubbish. These clowns remain welcome to hold their protests in a park, or in their home or perhaps the local Communist bookstore where they can swap tales of freedom.

What they are not allowed to do is crash private property, harass businesses and get into fights with police. Listen to these precious fools complain about their rights.

These idiots are the reason that mainstream Australians seldom protest against anything. Protest has become a dirty word because of the feral rent-a-crowd who have practically dominated every protest I can remember. Except for elections every few years, the silent majority will continue to be silent on most issues and the government know it.



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