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Vale Gadaffi

Correspondents to the Sydney Morning Herald are already crying in their cornflakes about the despatch to Hell of Colonel Gaddafi.

Libyans have been fooled. Maybe Gaddafi was a dictator but he shared all the oil profits with people in such terms as education and health.

Now that they have successfully disposed of that regime under the instruction of the West, all the profits will go to global corporations that have not spent all this money fighting the war just to give freedom to the people of Libya.

It wasn't democracy - but true democracy doesn't exist anywhere, even though we are told it does.

Gaddafi died fighting for independence of his country.

Alex Boromisa Liverpool

Many dictators in the past, when faced with a revolution, have bravely stated they would ''fight until the end'', only to do a runner when the end approaches. On the other hand Gaddafi was true to his word only to be summarily executed instead of being brought to trial.

Libyans would have benefited greatly had he been tried, found guilty and sentenced according to the rule of law.

Richard Broniman Chifley

At least Israel didn't kill him. Can you imagine the outcry?

Letters in The Age aren't quite as praiseworthy of Gaddafi but instead demand a warm fuzzy approach to the problem of Islamism:

Messages of hate

THE media have celebrated the death of Colonel Gaddafi like bloodthirsty dogs. When will society be able to punish these people appropriately without such lustful vengeance?

We send messages of hate to those who hate us. This is not a game, rather it is a battle for decency and for the human species to move to a more civilised plane where we might begin to believe we can actually live peacefully together.

Gaddafi was a criminal of the worst kind but we need to demonstrate that we can deal with these people according to world laws and that the world's police can carry out this task in a decent and lawful manner. If we can't, then what separate us from him?

Andrew Dowling, Torquay

Due process threatened

FIRST Osama bin Laden was killed in what looked like a summary execution. Now Colonel Gaddafi has met his death in questionable circumstances. Where is due process - the rule of local and international law - in all this? Is this really the way forward in creating and maintaining a better and fairer world?

Terry Hewton, Henley Beach South, SA

They pulled an unarmed, unprotected Saddam Hussein out of a hole and he was subject to a trial. Bin Laden and Gaddafi weren't exactly sitting at home watching CNN when there was a polite knock at the door. It's amazing the number of letter writers who have no idea how things work in the real world.

More interestingly, having apparently misspelled Gaddafi, I now realise that the name appears in the spell-checker dictionary of my web browser. Fame!


Anonymous foxy said...

I'm a bit shocked that the usual suspects have actually objected to Gaddafi's dispatch. As its 'brave' freedom fighters who finished him off after capture and not Americans.

That said, the way he was actually killed - in direct contrast to the version given by the rebels 'command', is not a good look for a bunch of freedom fighters - I think it gives a little insight to the way these guys will behave further down the track without outside constraint.

We've seen this sort of behaviour before from 'freedom fighters' backed by the west in other recent conflicts, and then almost ignored by the press, which encouragement not to report no doubt.

There is a video circulating of the Libyan rebels virually sawing off the head of one of Gaddafis soldiers, taken by a rebel on his mobile phone, surrounding by hundreds of cheering psychotic animals. Once again scenes echoed by earlier western backed conflicts.

Just my thoughts. Gaddafi was an evil bastard and he's got his own medicine for Lockerbie and multiple terror outrages - but watching these rebel thugs in full flight doesn't inspire confidence in what's coming in Libya. History repeats.

Now we've got an eyeful of what we've got into bed with.

6:37 AM  
Blogger Boy on a bike said...

I heard a few people in the office say that they thought the celebrations of his demise were in bad taste.

I responded that I guess it depends on how many of your family and friends were tortured, murdered or raped by his regime.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous foxy said...

I've got no problems with the fact that he is gone or people celebrating it after years of opression and terror.

The only problem is the way and circumstances of how it was done, and the circus following - "Men, women and children filed in to take their picture with the body, with some chanting, 'We want to see the dog'."

I know the fighters were untrained but can you imagine Australian troops doing this? Or even civilians?

This is indicative of whats to follow just in my opinion. It won't be too long now and they'll be doing the same thing to each other in feudal power struggles.

Hope I'm wrong

7:45 AM  
Anonymous anonymous 18 said...

One of the SMH letter writers who decries the end of Gaddafi regime, Alex Boromisa, is a staff member of NSW Labor MP Paul Lynch.

10:30 PM  

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