Friday, January 27, 2012

At Least Gillard Prefers Wearing Shoes...

Prime Minister Gillard lost her shoe yesterday while escaping a rioting mob.

The mob were described as "Aboriginal activists" but including what appeared to be a typical rent-a-crowd of green-left ferals and professional protesters, such as the Keffiyeh wearing red-head carrying a megaphone at 1m17s of the above video. Only a certain type of person owns a megaphone and isn't a PE teacher.

As for Julia Gillard's lost shoe:
Activist Pat Eatock ended up with the size 36 blue heel and said it would not be returned to Ms Gillard, even if she asked.

"She can't have it, this is going on eBay," said Ms Eatock, 73.

"We are going to see if we can get some money for the (tent) embassy."

Ms Eatock is one of those who sued Andrew Bolt into silence, so don't expect him to pass any comment on her now handling stolen property.

If they do sell the shoe on eBay, I wonder if it will get more money than Peter Gray's dirty, disgusting hippie-loafer thrown at John Howard on Q&A.

The main difference being Ms Gillard probably owns another pair of shoes.


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