Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Dirty UN Audience Loved It...

What was Prime Minister Gillard thinking, telling the UN that " Denigration of religious beliefs is never acceptable". A religion is simply a series of beliefs. If I started a new religion tomorrow whose central tenets were the murder of non-members and say sleeping with young children, the outcry would be palpable. Would such outcry be unacceptable? Of course not. I'd expect it. However it seems once a religion gets to a certain size, all bets are off. The prophet of one such major religion was a mass-murderer who married a six year old and slept with her when she was nine. Fact. Followers of this religion are encouraged to live their lives exactly like their prophet with predictable consequences. I dare not name the religion of course, lest I be accused of denigrating it and blamed entirely for any rioting and mayhem. Let's just pretend it's a "religion of peace", whose founder was a "man of peace". That seems to be the politically correct mythology. Yes.


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