Thursday, June 30, 2005


Oh Jeez:
"Ass cleavage is really in right now," said Antonio Jeffery, a national denim specialist at Diesel Jeans in Union Square. Ass cleavage, like regular cleavage, used to be strictly for women. Even the least careful observers of fashion will recall that a few years back, the rises on women’s jeans plummeted with the stock market; at one point, pants got so low that Christine Aguilera was literally prancing in assless chaps. This summer, it’s the men who are artfully displaying the tops of their bottoms, as dudes, gay and straight, squeeze themselves into ever-lower-riding jeans from Paper, Prada and Levi’s.
The men-wearing-their-pants-too-low craze hasn't hit in Western Australia just yet – we're in a different time zone; think 1985. Living in the past has its advantages.


Anonymous The Brute said...

Drop some spare change down their ass crack and ask them how long the show goes for.

6:34 PM  

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