Tuesday, June 28, 2005


The left's relentless efforts to undermine the US military is affecting the troops on the ground:
Aged 20 to 25, the four friends are ambivalent about the war but upbeat about their role in it and have no regrets about volunteering. The feedback from home, however, is unsettling.

Later today, George Bush will address an increasingly sceptical nation about Iraq, where sentiments have changed since the invasion two years ago. In a recent Gallup poll 56% said the war "wasn't worth it". Enthusiasm for action that has already claimed 1,730 American lives has turned to disquiet, and this is trickling down to the troops.

Sgt Brad Wilson, the radio controller, shuddered at the latest batch of letters from well-meaning primary school pupils. "It's all, 'Please don't die in that place.' My God, it's so depressing."
It'll be party time if there are a few high profile fraggings.


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