Sunday, March 02, 2008


Lefties love Global Warming because addressing it provides an opportunity to greatly expand government control over all areas of our lives, even our transport choices:
CAR travel should be cut by 80%, road construction halted and public transport boosted if Australia is to meet carbon emission targets, energy experts have warned.

Federal and state governments should stop building new arterial roads, the two scientists from Monash University's department of mechanical and aerospace engineering argue.

Instead, governments must focus on phasing out cars, improving the energy efficiency of public transport and making people use it, they argue.
Sorry, an 80% cut just isn't enough:
Greenhouse gas emissions will have to be eliminated completely to stabilise the Earth's climate and prevent temperatures from rising. That’s the conclusion of climatologists in the US who say that our current efforts to merely stabilise emissions will not be enough.
Oh well, there goes civilization as we know it.


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