Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Please help, pirates are attacking us!

Callous anti-piracy forces off Somalia refuse to respond to a Mayday:

Armed pirates from Haradhere put to sea in skiffs and surrounded the tanker while the hostage-takers in return threatened to blow up the ship. At one point the pirates holding the vessel and its crew of 28 sought the help of the EU’s anti-piracy fleet in desperation as they came under attack from rival Somali gangs.

“We didn’t respond of course,” said Commander John Harbour, spokesman of the EU fleet.

The tanker and its crew were subsequently released, after a $7 million ransom was delivered. The squabble over the cash has moved onshore, with gun-battles raging.

Pirates don't seem to be into sharing. Maybe some counselling would help.

Update: Somali pirates are not alone in making idiotic calls for emergency assistance. Help! This crossword is too hard.


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