Friday, January 22, 2010

Solving the drunken children problem

This will come as no surprise to any West Australian who pays the slightest attention to what goes on around him:

“Alcohol use among young people is an enormous problem,”  [Public Health Association president Professor Mike] Daube said.

Professor Daube's solution:

He called for the prices of booze to be increased to make it harder for children to obtain alcohol.

It's not enough that drinking is illegal for children, so everyone, including the parents from whom child drinkers obtain their money -- keep an eye on your purse, mum -- will have to pay more for alcohol.

The majority of responsible drinkers should not be penalised in order to protect an irresponsible minority. The next thing we know the government will attempt to keep undesirable content out of the hands of kids by raising the price of internet access. It it works for booze, it should work for porn.


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