Wednesday, January 20, 2010

America must learn to mind its business

Everyone's favourite America-hating Leftard, whose most strenuous work to date has been a couple of book reviews, is highly critical of relief efforts 15,000 kilometers away in Haiti.

The devastation in Haiti is heart-breaking but most of the Western media is missing the key reason behind the chaos; the militarisation of humanitarian aid.

Yep, the f**king egomaniacal Americans went charging into Haiti elbowing out of the way the U.N., the European Union, China and a multitude of others who had volunteered to take charge of relief efforts. There are also any number of relief agencies that could have run the show but, oh no, those f**king Yanks put their military in charge and now the relief effort is FUBAR. I mean, anyone with an ounce of sense could easily solve the piddling logistical problems presented by funnelling thousands of tons of aid through a single third world airport. The f**king incompetent Yanks should mind their own business in future.


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