Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Business Council of Australia Seared, twice

As previously noted, the Left is all frothy at the mouth that the Business Council of Australia has proposed a review of the disability support pension with a view to getting employable recipients back to work.

Such is the reaction to this sensible proposal that the BCA saw fit on Monday to issue a clarification:
The BCA has not recommended that disability support pensions be cut or reduced to fund the flood reconstruction effort or as an alternative to the flood levy, as was reported this morning.

The approach to the reconstruction effort recommended in the BCA’s 2011–12 Budget Submission is that the federal government should first focus on reducing or resequencing spending on programs that give least value for money.

Longer term, the BCA submission recommends that steps be taken to place the nation’s finances on a more secure footing for the future, including policies that provide opportunities for people who want to work and are capable of working to enter the paid workforce.
Yet today research-averse PP boy Jeremy Sear, based on what he assumes its position is, again hammers the BCA for allegedly proposing "to save rich Australians from having to pay a flood levy by slashing funding for the disabled", the proposal "roundly condemned by pretty much everyone for the monstrously inhuman cruelty that it was", when, in fact, the proposal was tentatively supported by the Australian Human Rights Commission's disability discrimination commissioner.

It is ludicrous that barrister Jeremy, trained to examine issues in detail so as to not go off half-cocked, could get it so wrong; and in doing so be guilty of providing a "flimsy argument", which as a Pure Poison blogger he is meant to expose rather than propose. Jeremy should now expose himself.

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