Saturday, June 04, 2011

College of Knollege

No sooner had I reported Antony Loewenstein's Tamil Totty, we now learn that the Dreamboat got Dumped.

No doubt devastated, newly single Antony has once again fled what he considers a "cultural backwater" (Australia) and travelled to New York. Unlike the sensible Australian media, Antony can dream that nobody there would realise how useless he is. Well, until they Google him.

Walking the streets of NYC, to find a nice Jewish Tamil girl, Antony snapped a billboard aimed at the Jewish Community, promoting a sabbath service at a local synagogue and posted it with one of his typical sneering one-sentence editorials.

A reader suggestion follows, giving considerable insight into the sort of brain-donor readership Antony Loewenstein attracts:
Could use some explanation for your less knollegable readers. [sic]
Antony could not actually explain it, of course, being about as Jewish as the bus stop on which he found the billboard.

I look forward to reading a JDate profile something like this:
"Wanted: Nice Jewish Princess for highly ineligible bachelor. Must hate Israel, love Noam Chomsky. Be attracted to barely literate, barely men of extremely limited earning potential. Please hurry, I need a place to stay. My family won't let me stay at their place any more and the local Starbucks have asked me to stop abusing their free WiFi and actually buy a coffee."
The good news: The Tamil gene pool just got a break.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Tamil gene pool just got a break"

he he he he

that's my comedy dose for the night..nice work

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

he's beginning to look more irrelevant than Lee Rhiannon.

Except inexplicably she is paid for some type of 'service' by the taxpayer.

If someone identifies that service other than ironic comedy, please advise.

For either.

Both also inexplicably appear to be irrationally obsessed by anything Israeli.

Despite having zero actual stake in the place.

Odd. And a little creepy.

Like Ant's 'chic zombie' bio pic

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best girls are always attracted to men who've never actually held down a job.

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is that what I'm doing wrong? pesky job

4:50 PM  

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