Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Great Lie about BDS

Of the anti-Israel BDS movement, Antony Loewenstein dishonestly claims:
Ignore the shameful spin; this has nothing to do with targeting Jewish businesses because they’re Jewish;
Oh really?

The Australians for Palestine website specifically called for a Boycott of Westfield due to its Jewish owner Frank Lowy.

At the time their website stated:
Information on WESTFIELD
National sponsor of Israeli Chamber of Commerce. Co-founder Frank Lowy is the Chairman of the Institute for National Sceurity [sic] Studies at Tel Aviv University and fought as a Golani commando in Israel. The Golani Brigade is renowned for its murderous assaults on Palestinian civilians and its involvement in the 2006 invasion of Lebanon. A group of ex-Israeli soldiers has spoken out and documented numerous cases of Golani Brigade involvement in human rights abuses
No doubt since I exposed their rank antisemitism they've edited the page which now simply says "Boycott Westfield" as a "National sponsor of Israeli Chamber of Commerce" [sic].

Antisemites and liars. Or is that a tautology?

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Anonymous xyz said...

Notice the anti-semitic conspiracy theory he is peddling on his blog:

"Don’t tell me the Zionist lobby hasn’t bought the entire US Congress"

Simply replacing the phrase "the Jews" with the phrase "the Zionist lobby" doesn't make an anti-semitic conspiracy theory acceptable.

I posted this on his blog. I doubt he will approve it - his support for people "speaking up" doesn't extend to people speaking up against his vile views.

"I witnessed a protest at the Parramatta Max Brenner and it was rife with anti-semitism. A middle aged white lady was screaming about judaeo-nazi parasites and young muslim Hamas supporters on the edges of the protest were proudly stating their certainty that 'the jews' would be thrown into the sea.

Does your 'complete' support for the BDS extend to this? "

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Chistery said...

Israel must pay a price for occupying the Palestinians..

How do you occupy a Palestinian? Challenge him to a game of checkers? Give him a job building a 5 star hotel? Enrol him in an IED making course? Script writer for The Pioneers of Tomorrow? Plan a trip to an Israeli pizza restaurant with a suicide belt?

Yup, Israelis shouldn't keep Palestians occupied. Meanwhile, not going so well in your remedial English course, eh, Ants?

8:01 PM  
Anonymous Mango said...

It won't suprise you in the slightest to know that Antony just can't help loving the London looters and arsonists. He just sees it as violent uprising against the wicked state. What a twat.


3:41 AM  

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