Monday, October 31, 2011

Hates Jews. Hates Women.

Antony Loewenstein is appalled at a fashion magazine cover.
The current issue (Issue 44 Nov/Dec 2011) of Frankie magazine, a magazine aimed at young Australian girls, has on the back page a full page advertisement headed “Israeli Girls”.

Such advertisements play a key role in glamourising/normalising Israel and the IDF while, almost subliminally, linking Israel with the US. Occupation, violence or racial discrimination are ignored.
Have a look at the offending ad and decide for yourself.

Antony demands someone's head:
Write to the magazine’s editor (Jo Walker: telling her that such material shouldn’t fool the readers and depoliticise Israeli actions.
Yes. Who ever heard of fashion advertising trying to fool readers? Speaking of fools, according to Antony, two moderately attractive Israeli girls wearing shorts is a political issue.

More evidence of Israel's brutal inhumanity here:

(Warning: Strong language and exposed Zionist flesh)

In a later post, Antony reminds us why he couldn't get a gig working at Ms Walker's magazine, or anywhere else.
Any illusions about the American empire’s footprint reducing in the Middle East is fictional.
As opposed to those illusions which are real.
Washington is keen to more closely partner with any dictatorship it can.
An astonishing claim, naturally unsupported by any actual evidence.
But of course this isn’t meddling, it’s just what empire’s do.
Poor boy can't even use an apostrophe. Isn't he lucky that he can call himself an "independent journalist" rather than the more traditional "unemployed". Must be Zionist media control which stops all those multi-million dollar offers rolling in.



Anonymous xyz said...

A moment's research would have shown Antony that Frankie is 'aimed at women (and men)' not young girls.

His objection to the picture is that it normalises Israel. It is worrying that he only wishes to see Israelis depicted as evil and 'abnormal'.

Further on Antony, his latest post is a copy paste job of a Guardian article complaining about the Commonwealth and Sri Lanka. Shouldn't a responsible 'journalist' ought to mention his conflict of interest when it comes to Sri Lanka?

1:31 PM  
Anonymous JB Goode said...

'Poor boy can't even use an apostrophe'
Poor boy's a clown
'Any illusions about the American empire’s footprint reducing in the Middle East is fictional'
Does he mean 'are' fictional?

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did see the back of that magazine at the newsagent, my first thought was 'hot', my second was that it would bring bigot dirtbag Israel bashing racist creeps out of the woodwork - and I was right.

CLownenstein's current squeeze is a jpeg - not a hot Israeli chick

who could stomach the self absorbed zombie look a like called Ant?

5:16 PM  
Blogger Boy on a bike said...

I agree with Ant - that's a terrible photo.

They should have them holding rifles - that would be much better. Something like this would be way cool:

6:10 PM  

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