Monday, October 24, 2011


The Sydney Morning Herald reports on moves to ban local councils adopting sanctions against any nation. This likely stems from the earlier attempt by Marrickville Council to boycott Israel (instead of say, collecting garbage and mending potholes).

Check out the placard held by one of the Israel-hating illiterates.

Apparently Scooby Doo is now working for Hamas. Councils should Stop Funding Error.


Blogger Darren said...

I'm neither pro-Israeli or pro-Palestinian. But do these idiots realise that Tel Aviv can never negotiate with the likes Hamas who are hellbent on Killing all the Israeli's . Israels expanison into Palestinians settlements should be stopped. Its just a crazy vicious cycle & those who fully support either side are ignorant to the short comings of both sides. But having stated though if all the "Arab" nations suddenly recognised Israel, fair chance Isreal would be more friendlier in return.

It really does not matter though because if one understands the "numbers" when it comes to the "debt" of multiple European nations,European banks along with both Japan & the USA along with their continued rating downgrades that have never been seen before then they would know the next GFC is just around the corner. This will trigger off the next Great depression unlike nothing ever seen before. Thousands of those "ferals" at those "Occupy" protests will turn into "thugs" as thousands of riots erupt across the globe.

This will have catastrophic consequences for volatile regions like the Middle East as the "Arab" spring turns deadlier with Islamic extremism erupting across the Middle East. This year two things happened for the first time ever, firstly Iran started sailing warships to Syria via the SUEZ for the first time since the 1979 Islamic revolution of Iran & the ousting of Mubarak earlier this year. Secondly, a Chinese warship sailed to the Mediterranean for the first time ever to be just of the coast of Libya who is major OIL trading partner with LIBYA.

The current worldwide economic collapse is inevitable along with what will follow as poverty rapidly increases so will Islamic extremism. Isreal will be under sieg on every border as full scale erupts in the Middle East. There will also be a spike in terrorism worldwide either in the form of biological,chemical & nuclear weapons. Then nations like Pakistan the worlds only openly nuclear armed muslim nation which this year has been under constant siege from extremists like when they raided the pakistani naval base will fall to Islamic extremism. India still blames Pakistan for the Mumbai attacks of 2008, both the US & India accuse Pakistan of terrorism. This will see a regional nuclear erupt killing 30 million. Iran & Israel will then go war which will see tens of millions killed across that region. Given both Russia 7 China are trading partners in that region & with nations like IRAN for OIL & GAS, they will get dragged in against Israel/NATO & other US allied nations.

From this all the birds will fly as ICBM & SBLM get launched in their thousands. World War III is inevitable. Keep your eyes on the world economy,the "Arab" spring & those "Occupy" protests & one will see events leading to this unravel.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous nelson said...

the truth.... send this to the council

4:46 PM  
Blogger RebeccaH said...

Well, of course that sign is wrong. It should read: "Srop Funding Israeli Rerror." Tsk, bilingual education, I ask you.

9:39 PM  

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