Monday, September 23, 2013

Full Reichtard

Antony Loewenstein, in the Guardian's blog talks about getting his German passport:
As a Jew born in Australia in 1974, I never imagined that Germany’s long shadow would envelop my adult life. In 2011, I became a German citizen while maintaining my Australian passport, due to a 1954 German law that allowed Jews to re-instate citizenship removed by the Nazis during their reign. I wanted citizenship for a few reasons, not least to honour my family that Germany once rejected, and to have the option of working freely across the European Union.
In case he runs out of options in Australia, no doubt... Okay, so Antony wants an EU passport for work reasons.
The process of acquiring German citizenship has been a long journey that reveals the often tortuous relationships that continue to define Jewish identity in the 21st century.
Or you could just fill out some paperwork at the German consulate.
On 14 January 2011, I arrived at the German consulate in Sydney and waited until a senior official appeared. He congratulated me on becoming a German citizen and asked how I felt. I had tears in my eyes, unsure what to say, but I mumbled something about never imagining that Germany was again so keen to welcome me, as a Jew and atheist, into its heart. I also felt, but didn’t verbalise, that it was a personal victory against Nazism.
Antony Loewenstein. Nazi-hunter and visa rorter. Can't wait until he completes the arrival card:
My identity is a conflicted and messy mix that incorporates Judaism, atheism, anti-Zionism, Germanic traditions and Anglo-Saxon-Australian beliefs. And yet I both routinely reject and embrace them all.
Antony's next book review should be the DSM-IV.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Because Obama

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Green one and the Red one.

Antony Loewenstein speaks to the Voice of Russia about Australia's political system.
We have the situation in Australia where there are 2 parts of the Parliament – the upper half and the lower half and because of the way the Parliament works quite similarly to Britain in some ways, it is unclear whether the new government will be able to put this through the Parliament.
Looking forward to his new bestseller, My Parliamentary Question.


Friday, September 06, 2013

Getup Crybabies

The children at Getup and their Green-left hangers on are convinced that the TV networks' refusal to air this ad - containing dogshit - is proof of a Murdoch conspiracy and a violation of their free speech.

Decide for yourself if you'd enjoy watching this at dinnertime.

I wouldn't.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Age of Antisemitism

The Melbourne Age newspaper is a shining example of why Fairfax is in trouble. At a time when Syria murders and tortures its own people, and has killed more innocent civilians in the last year than Israel has in the last sixty years, the Age prints letters critical of... You guessed it.

The first is by a well known liar and antisemite, Patricia Phillippou (see Vexnews' excellent takedown here).
Why are we not hearing more about the fact that Israel has granted a US company the first licence to explore for gas and oil in the occupied Golan Heights? Israel would control the pipeline.  
While thousands are gassed to death in Syria, quick! Let's talk about Israel. The headline of Phillippou's letter: "Selective Outrage". No kidding!

Patrick Wolfe, another correspondent with form writes:
If the US government really cared about the indiscriminate use of chemical weaponry against civilian populations, it would have objected to Israel using internationally banned phosphorous bombs against the civilian population of Gaza in the course of Operation Cast Lead.
The headline of his letter: "We have had enough". Or more specifically, 'we have had enough of talking about anything except Israel'.

Wolfe's previous achivements include support for the absurd boycott of Israel.  A boycott of Syria? Maybe another time...