Thursday, February 27, 2014

You have Two Choices

Booked a flight on Jetstar recently. After scrolling through lots of unwanted 'upsells', car-hire, travel insurance, food onboard I was asked if I wanted to pay for the big one:
Please indicate if you would like to offset the carbon emissions for your trip before continuing 
The two options given were: "No thanks" and "Yes please". Very polite to be sure but missing a third option: "Absolutely not, are you kidding?"

Friday, February 21, 2014

Where do I Sign?

  • Permanent full-time position, salary package up to $91,640 pa
The Greens NSW (GNSW) is seeking an individual with a wide range of skills. The Executive Officer is a newly created position. It will be the most senior employed position in the NSW Greens. It is not a political position, or a party spokesperson position. It is an executive and managerial role.
Plus you get to hang out with Sarah Hanson-Young and talk about TV shows.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bend it like Burkha

Iranian women footballers will be required to undergo mandatory gender-testing after it was revealed that four players in the national women’s team were in fact men.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Ant's Pants

Eight years ago, serial Israel-hater Antony Loewenstein was quoted in the SMH saying "I don’t want to be defined as the guy who criticises Israel; I didn’t ask for this.”

Eight years later, let's see how that's going. The Sydney Morning Herald's Executive Style section interviewed him, describing him thus:
Antony Loewenstein is an Australian-Jewish opponent of Israel. Having spent time in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza and written two books on the subject,
Actually it's one book (if you can call it 'writing') and his time spent in Israel is considerably less than a typical Jewish teenager on study tour.

Topics covered include his species:
He says it’s his “responsibility as a human first, and a Jew second, to speak out when injustice occurs committed by my people’’.
His people? Who are they? Also discussed, Antony's eating:
He says while growing up in Melbourne, he attended Sabbath meals with his family.

‘‘I recall discussions about Israel and Palestine and the casual racism expressed towards Arabs. I didn’t have the knowledge then or language to forcefully respond but it made me distinctly uncomfortable.”
Antony is not very good at recalling Sabbath dinner conversations. His own family think he's a liar.  

And as always:
I continue to receive hate mail and occasional death threats for daring to support the Palestinians.”
He's just like Salman Rushdie, only without the sales figures. As Tim Blair once noted, the only people likely to be sending Antony death threats are English teachers.

How an unemployed author qualifies as 'executive' is anyone's guess but if they're going to talk fashion, how could they miss Antony's indoor hat-wearing past attempts?
It looked like he was wearing some sort of tracksuit cargo pants, purple sneakers, a man-bag and a khaki locomotive driver’s hat (worn for the duration).


Saturday, February 01, 2014

Think of the Children

Wait until Sara Hanson-Young sees this factual programming...

The Royal Australian Navy will have more explaining to do.